The new album and collaboration between Lippy Kid and artist Greg Farndon.

  • Thought Form I (Scintilla)
  • Thought Form II (Flawed)
  • Thought Form III (Scalar)
  • Thought Form IV (Phosphor)
  • Thought Form VI (Palisade)
  • Thought Form VII (Locus)
  • Thought Form VIII (Corolla)
  • Thought Form IX (Audible)
  • Thought Form X (Unspoken)

All tracks arranged, mixed and produced by Lippy Kid

The album has an accompanying digital booklet with all artwork created by Greg Farndon.

  1. Sidewise In Time
  2. Purpose & Surface
  3. 24 Hour Reboot
  4. Skinny Lit Horizon
  5. Falling Feeling
  6. Form or Dot
  7. My Restricted Movement
  8. We Search The World To Find

All tracks arranged and produced by Lippy Kid

Artwork for the album cover and accompanying liner notes have been produced in collaboration with Antony Theobald aka 'Mixless

You can find more of his work via


The first physical release from the Lippy Kid Electronica Project.

  1. Bio Transmission
  2. From Within Small Structures
  3. Melody Of Motion (ft James Oldrini & Rich Britton)
  4. Three Digit D.I.S.C.O.
  5. Memory
  6. Amino Acid
  7. Channeling Pollock
  8. Revisiting A Human Tide

All tracks written, arranged and mixed by Lippy Kid & Mastered by Martyn Stonehouse

'Melody Of Motion' features samples from James Oldrini's 'Don't Give Up Japan, Don't Give Up Tohoku'

Visit for more details. It also features the poem 'Masks Are Kites' written and recited by Rich Britton.

'Revisiting A Human Tide' is based on sound files provided by Paul Hartnoll as part of the Human Tide Arts project. 

Visit for more details.


  1. Néron Minimal 1 ("Feuerzauber")
  2. Néron Minimal 2 ("Second Story Sunlight")
  3. Néron Minimal 3 ("Mnemosyne")
  4. Néron Minimal 4 ("The Curtain")

All tracks written, arranged and produced by Lippy Kid

Artwork for the EP cover and the accompanying liner notes have been produced in collaboration with Derbyshire based artist Anna Krystyna Casey

You can find more detail on her work here.


A collaboration with the Derbyshire folk singer "Tribe of Juan".

  1. English Rain (Stratos Remix)
  2. English Rain (Essoldo Remix)
  3. English Rain (Kabuki Remix)

Words and Vocals: Tribe of Juan

Arrangement, Mixed and Produced: Lippy Kid 


The Debut album from Lippy Kid.

  1. Intro. (Who's Right?)
  2. One Night In Shibuya
  3. Big City Squeeze
  4. Kalaeidoscope
  5. Quasi-Stellar Radio Source
  6. Dazed
  7. One Day In Kyoto
  8. Design The Skyline, Then Kiss

All tracks written and produced by Lippy Kid


The Debut release from Lippy Kid.

  1. Love To Infinity
  2. Hotel Metropolis
  3. Squeegee Your 3rd Eye

All tracks written and produced by Lippy Kid.

All proceeds donated to support the Action Aid team and their continued Anti-Poverty campaign. 

Visit Action Aid for more information.

Further music can be found via Soundcloud